Sin 13 Premieres

sin 13 poster

The Sin 13 television series will have a live premiere in April, 2020, date TBA, in Los Angeles, California.

The producers are also considering adding a simultaneousa live-streaming premiere event to create a world-wide premiere.

Stay tuned here to see what happens!


Sin 13

Shotzie Cado is Sin 13 banner

You awake a new person. You have no memories but what they give you. No history but what they tell you. No cultural reference but what they teach you. They train you in espionage, combat, cryptography, infiltration. They experiment with your psyche. They expose you to black magic. They are the only family you know. Then, they set you against their enemies.

They tell you there are only two important laws: 1. Be loyal. 2. Survive.

Who will you become?

Shotzie Cado is Sin 13, in the exciting new series by director/producer Shadow Dragu-Mihai.