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The website facilitates you getting in contact with a number of parties associated with Sin 13.

Please note the following contact guidelines:

  • Use the contact form on this website and make sure to select the appropriate subject from the drop-down list.
  • You *must include* email and all other required contact information AND if you provide a phone number, appropriate times when someone might contact you back. Please include only a brief, concise statement about why you are contacting us. Without these things, your message cannot be answered or kept.
  • If want to get fan information, to request cast appearances or interviews, or to get in contact with professional representatives for the actors in Sin 13, use the "cast information" drop-down selection. We do not provide personal information of any kind for any of the cast or crew in Sin 13.
  • If you want to know how to get your brand or product featured under a product placement arrangement, or if you want to advertise on this website or become a sponsor of the Sin 13 series, use the "Sponsors & Advertising" selection.
  • Talent Submissions or Crew Submissions. We do accept these, but for security purposes, the contact form does not permit attachments. Accordingly, include links to your portfolios, galleries or websites. Again, if you do not include contact information, we cannot contact you. Such submissions will go to the casting department or production manager, as the case may be. Please do not expect an immediate response, as casting and crewing up are done only during specific parts of the production cycle. We will, however, generally keep your submission for 6 months.
  • Licensing Inquiries. If you are an exhibitor or distributor who is interested in licensing of the series or specific episodes, Sin 13 is represented exclusively by On Demand Global Media (UDC) Inc., but inquiries can come through this website. If you are interested in licensing graphics, brands or designed which are part of the Sin 13 production, make it through this website.
  • SCRIPTS, STORY IDEAS, TREATMENTS OR OTHER CREATIVE SUBMISSIONS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ACCEPTED through this website. Do not send them. They will NOT be passed on to any creative or producing person at Sin 13 or anywhere else; they will be disposed of unread. Note that should you send them anyway, the Terms of Service of this website stipulate that by sending such materials through this website, you WAIVE ALL RIGHTS IN PERPETUITY to such materials and give permission for their use without credit, acknowledgement or compensation. That's for our protection and our lawyers will not let us change that. So, if you want to know how to submit, please do it through your professional representative (who will NOT go through the website) or just ask how you can submit.

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