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Enter To WIN a RUBY or a SAPPHIRE!

WIN a real RUBY or a real SAPPHIRE

Sin 13 and Facet TV are celebrating the premiere of Sin 13 by giving away a RUBY and a SAPPHIRE, each over 5 carats!

The best part is there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN!  You can get multiple FREE entries starting right now! To find out how, and to get your FREE entries, go to or directly to ENTER RIGHT NOW!

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Sin 13 Exclusive Gala In Hollywood and Virtual Theatrical!

Sin 13 Premiere July 11

Sin 13, Shadow Dragu-Mihai's original supernatural espionage thriller, the series, premieres at an Exclusive Red Carpet Gala in the heart of Hollywood on July 11, 2020!  If you cannot attend the live gala (it's very limited attendance) you may attend the whole event through a Virtual Theatrical Lievestream experience!  The gala includes a RUBY GIVEAWAY by Facet TV, celebrity appearances, red carpet, interviews with the talented cast of Sin 13.

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Sin 13 Premiere - Wuhan Virus Delay image

Due to the serious and unavoidable interruptions to business and social life caused by the spread of the Wuhan Virus, the premiere of Sin 13 has had to be postponed past April 20 likely to early May.

At this time, as our parent platform Facet TV is being launched in May 2020, it is possible that an online streaming event of the premiere will take place. How Exciting!

Sin 13 is the first Facet TV Original to be released on the nascent streaming platform!

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Shotzie Cado is Sin

Shotzie Cado is Sin in the tv series Sin 13

Shotzie Cado is Sin, in the television series Sin 13.


photo by Mikayla Gamble.

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Sin 13 Premiere In April 2020

sin 13 poster

The Sin 13 television series will have a live premiere in April, 2020, date TBA, in Los Angeles, California.

The producers are also considering adding a simultaneousa live-streaming premiere event to create a world-wide premiere.

Stay tuned here to see what happens!

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Sin 13 is Coming

Sin 13 banner

Sin 13, the exciting and thoughtful new series created by Shadow Dragu-Mihai, is coming soon. Come back here for information on cast, schedule, events, premiere, fun merch and more! Follow the show on Instagram and follow the creator on Instagram @shadow.dragu.mihai

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