Shadow Dragu-Mihai - Director-Producer & Creator/Writer of Sin 13

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai, creator, producer & director of Sin 13

Shadow Dragu-Mihai is the creator and director of Sin 13. In his 20+ year career, Shadow has worked as a producer, director and cinematographer. That's after many years as an entertainment attorney.

With Sin 13, Shadow will explore new and compelling stories that put humanity under a spotlight and ask meaningful questions. Shadow aims to make us think, as well as keep us entertained.

The visionary creative mind behind Sin 13, Shadow's producing background is wide. As an independent producer, he works as a supervising, consulting or line producer on various (usually independent) productions. Shadow also is the lead executive behind On Demand Global Media (UDC) Corp. and Facet TV. Although the industry territory has changed, Shadow knows the digital distribution landscape well. He was, in fact one of the pioneers of digital distribution, with his platform was one of the first - if not the first - independent video platforms, predating YouTube by two years.

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Photo by Casheena Kuntai Morris