Supporters of Sin 13

Sin 13 is an independent series! We work on much lower budgets than even a tiny mainstream tv show. This gives YOU the opportunity to get your product seen and associated with a television show, at a cost far below what you would have to outlay to be associated with any mainstream show.

There are several opportunities for your sponsorship on the Sin 13 television series and on specific episodes, but spots are limited, so act now!

To learn complete details, use our contact form and include your phone number and the best time(s) to call you, and a team member will reach out. However, here are current opportunities:

Premiere Event Sponsor - Sin 13 will premiere with a live screening in Los Angeles, with a globally available simultaneous live-stream. Sponsors will benefit from repeated views of the event and news over a period of at least 6 months. For the Premiere event sponsors, we have the following opportunities:

1. Step-and-repeat sponsorship: Your logo on the photo wall, where it will be visible in every one of the publicity photos taken for and by the stars, press and public. This is great long term, repeated exposure for small cost. There are a limited number of spaces on the step-and-repeat wall, and it's inexpensive to be one of only a couple, or even the exclusive sponsor on the wall.

2. Gifting sponsors at the live premiere: This associates your product and brand with the memories of a special Hollywood event. By providing samples or gifting bags at the premiere, you are one of the reasons the experience will remain special in people's minds. Again, this is very long exposure for little cost, as your products will appear in publicity shots and be mentioned/spotlighted on the official website and in promotional materials.

3. Show/Web/Event Sponsor. There are a number of spots for those who would like their brand mentioned during the premiere and after on the streaming site(s) which Sin 13 will appear on. The live premiere crowd will be small but will include influencers and press. Of course, it will be streamed live and recorded and re-streamed for many months. It will always be available for public viewing at the series archives.

AND: In addition to the premiere opportunities, upcoming episodes will permit Product Placement. As the show gets into full production, numerous on-camera product placement opportunities will open up for those products and brands which would integrate well and naturally into the scripts. Specific product opportunities will depend on script and story. However, consider apparel, survival gear, food and drink, jewelry, vehicles. Right now the production team is preparing now for the first season of Sin 13 and are open to many ideas. Contact the team now to learn more!